William Ronchetti

Software Engineer. Athlete. Cryptocurrency Enthusiast.

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Software Engineer

I have both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Engineering in Computer Science from Cornell University. I specialize in (Operating) Systems, Networking and Distributed Systems. I also have interests that include various aspects of data science, such as natural language processing and machine learning. Currently I am working as a Remote Research Assistant at Duke University in the ECE department.



I've been a three sport athlete my entire life, running cross country, indoor and outdoor track in high school and at Cornell. I am still very much into living an active, healthy lifestyle.


Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

I find cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to be truly fascinating - they really changed the name of the game as far as distributed systems are concerned. I think these technologies are the way of the future, and a large portion of my interest is in researching and building systems to supplement that future.

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Contact Me

Please use the Google form on the nav bar at the top of the page to most easily get in contact with me. I'm also most reliably reached through email, wrr33 (at) Cornell (dot) edu. Feel free to drop an email as well, especially if I'm lagging behind getting back to you! You can also find me on LinkedIn here and Github here.

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